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"Country Deal Breaker" wins Semi-Finalist for the
American Songwriter 2022 Song Contest

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“New Nashville” stands as both witness and testimony from within ruins wrought by development storms — a ballad from the rubble reaching out beyond genre confines. Country purists will find solace in tradition’s steadfast pulse through old shuffle beats, while contemporary ears are courted via streamlined production clarity — Teagan Stewart proves herself maestra at filling spaces once crowded with Taylor guitars now stand vacant lots awaiting their chrome-clad facades.

A traditional country track at its core, ‘New Nashville’ sees Stewart’s velvety vocals effortlessly flow over a soulful dobro and steel guitar. Combined with a timeless shuffle beat, the rich and nostalgia-laced piece not only pays homage to the past but also offers up a refreshing take on country music. It’s just beautiful from start to finish!
The lyrics point out several iconic places in Nashville that have recently closed due to skyrocketing rent prices and greedy developers, while pointing out the more subtle changes of a life in Nashville, like, ‘Why isn’t PBR cheap?'

"Homebody" crosses 50,000 streams!
Watch the new music video here

Host Deanna Costa of the Short Fuse Podcast virtually meets with country musician Teagan Stewart to chat about her latest EP and the artistic process involved in its recording. As the conversation continues, the pair get into thoughts on modern country music, an artist's life amidst a pandemic, surviving the Nashville Tornado, and much more!

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Listen to Stewart's first radio interview on the Folk Roots Show at 89.9 KUNM - Albuquerque, Santa Fe.

Jalila Arthur Brewer and Stewart talk moving to Nashville, the new music video, and she plays a few new songs live!

KUNM 89.9 Radio Interview
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