"Write You a Love Song", a country/rock single, debuted on April 5th 2019.

This song is all about speaking your truth. Even when it's difficult, even when it threatens to make waves or disrupt your status quo. 

I'm so grateful to have created this song -- and the artwork supporting it -- with good friends. Dallas Jack co-wrote and produced this song, bringing it to life between laughs, conversations on our ambitions and the Nashville scene, and of course, the occasional wine night.

Breanna Fylstra captured the vision for this photo, with her expert eye and ability to make everything feel safe, comfortable, and beautiful.

Vinny Maniscalo created the artwork for this single, including the hand drawn font for the title and the gold dusting surrounding it. 

Thank you so much for your amazing response and sharing your connections to this song! Much love.

- TS

"Water Wings" and the Water Wings music video are available on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, etc.

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