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"Unsay It" OUT September 17th

Stewart's next single, "Unsay It" releases on September 17th 2021.


The dark and sultry country-pop song debuted with a unique release show -- a musical comedy show featuring Stewart and improv group Worst Case Scenario on September 16th at Third Coast Comedy Club.

Listen to the brand new single now!

Taste of My Heartbreak EP

Stewart's first EP, the Taste of My Heartbreak, is a blues/country album with elements of rock and folk. It recounts the emotional arc of her breakup, beginning with the playful title track "Taste of My Heartbreak", moving through abject melancholy, to the freedom of being single again, to the final closure of deciding not to get back together in "Good Intentions".

4 of the 6 tracks were written by Stewart alone. "Date a Musician" was written with Autumn Marie and "Homebody" was written with Dallas Jack, Eric Vattima, and Ryan Boey.


The ToMH EP was recorded with Sean Rogers at Hey World Studios in Nashville, TN and released to acclaim on October 23rd 2020. 



 "Taste of My Heartbreak", an upbeat country single, and the titular track off my debut EP was released on August 21st 2020.

This song is all about the shock of realizing your relationship is actually over. It's not over tomorrow, or someday. It's over today. 

It's the fresh, raw pain of that realization and wanting the other person to feel as much pain as you do in that moment. Whether that's for validation or a petty desire to inflict pain on your own, it's real.

While I wrote the lyrics and music alone, I'm grateful for the artful collaboration by my producer, Sean Rogers, and all the players. Before I recorded this in the studio, I had played it live at writer's rounds and a couple band shows here and there. For some reason, the groove with a band was never quite right. It was definitely the hardest song to arrange in my brain -- that is, until I got in the room with these guys. Then it all just clicked.


Thank you so much for your response to this song and I cannot wait for you to hear the next "stages" of this breakup in the upcoming singles and EP!

- TS


Songs, including my previous singles, are available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Soundcloud, and every other major music distributor.

"Sad Songs", the next single off the forthcoming EP, is a country waltz with steel guitar and banjo -- a confession to the wind that you're not over them.

I wrote this song alone during the rainiest season I've ever experienced in my life, which was in February of 2019. This song is all about closing your bedroom door and allowing yourself to weep over your ex. Not having to be the "strong, independent girl" for just a few hours in secret. It's mourning. It's lonesome. It's wallowing.




The song released on September 18th 2020 with reviews from Three Chords Country and listed on Women Crush it Wednesdays.


"Homebody" is a country-rock, proud-to-be-single anthem and the last single before the full EP. It released on October 9th, 2020 with an exclusive debut on CountryRadio.UK.  It quickly garnered over 47,000 streams on Spotify and over 50K across all listening platforms.

This song was written with Ryan Boey, Eric Vattima, and Dallas Jack on a long summer day that ended in a trip to Buffalo Wild Wings. I'm so proud of what we created together -- which is that bull in a China shop feeling where you're determined to have a good time and stay single at all costs. It's fiery. It's restless. Fun. Powerful. It's yours now.